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What Is A Chemical Peel?

A chemical peel is a treatment in which an acid solution is used to removed the damaged outer layers of the skin. Peels enhance and smooth the texture of the skin; effective for facial blemishes, wrinkles, uneven skin, & hyperpigmentation

How do I know which peel is best for me? 

There are different variations of chemical peels. These Peels are formulated from light, medium, to deep. The treatment that's best for you will depend on what you're hoping to treat and how much downtime you're willing to endure. Consultation strongly  recommended 

How can I set up a consultation?

"Book an appointment" link in menu.

Do chemical peels hurt? Do I have to hide my my face?

There is no need to go into hiding or take time off work if you get a procedure done. In fact, you can go right back into your daily routine after a service. You may experience  light tingling, tightness, warmth and sensitivity which is completely normal. My specific instructions for pre and post care  will help soothe these common symptoms 

How To Prepare For Your First Wax

Do make sure the hair is the length of a grain of rice prior to the appointment. Anything longer can be trimmed at your appointment.

 Do not shave or wax  prior to the appointment. This will prevent you from recieving a service. This also disrupts the hair growth pattern and the hair grows back sharper. The hair won't be long enough to grip onto the wax. If you arrive with irritated skin, I'd have to advise you to return once it's healed.

Do take a warm bath or shower prior to your appointment to best help soften & prepare the skin for the wax. If you're on the go, we understand. We offer wipes at the spa for quick clean up.

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