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I'm a licensed Master Esthetician, Published Makeup Artist, and Cosmetic Specialist. I'm the founder of Skin Deep by Xena, where I focus on the health & beautification of the skin for everyday women & brides. "Creating The Luxury Skin Experience from Yes, to I Do." I've found balance between work and life. I'm a totally happy and passionate person, loving daughter, and inspiring skin coach. I've learned to trust the process; The journey definitely didn't happen easily for me. I've worked very hard and diligently to achieve recognition from notable magazines, publications, and high-profile clients. 

"It's never too late to reinvent yourself and pursue your passions." - Diahann Carroll 

I started my Journey in 2010 where I became a self-taught makeup artist and following popular beauty influencers on YouTube. From there, I began practicing my craft on friends and family. I posted before & after transformations on social media outlets which grabbed the attention of local photographers, stylists, and beauticians. It became a hobby, then turned into a freelancing profession. I was working fashion shows, photoshoots, and bridal events. It wasn't long before I knew it was time to further invest in my future. 

Throughout the process of trying to figure out my career path, I continued to struggle with severe acne and hyperpigmentation all through adulthood. I'd always hear people say, "Your face is your billboard," but i was extremely self-conscious of its appearance because I used to get picked on about my skin condition. It was heartbreaking, especially for my parents to experience.  My mother did everything she could do to help including taking me to Dermatologists and investing hundreds in skincare and makeup to help with my confidence. The topical medications didn't help, and the makeup seemed to make things worse because i was just concealing, not treating. It was a security blanket for sure. I wanted to heal my skin and educate myself on how I could find a solution to my problem, and I did just that. From that point on, my life changed completely.

In 2013, I quit my full-time job to start an accredited program as an Esthetician student. Later I became a beauty advisor in the cosmetics department at a known department store where I worked for 5 years. During my time in Esthetician school, I enjoyed both the challenge of raising awareness about quality skin care, researching the profound techniques and key components of esthetics and biology, undertaking new strategies and tools for chemical facial processes, and gaining hands on experience while mastering concepts. This helped to launch my career for what it is today.

My enthusiasm for pursuing a career in beauty stemmed from my interest in working with a multicultural population, with a diverse array of skin types to help establish a trustworthy regimen with life changing and long-lasting results, and aid in preoperative and postoperative skincare. My desire was to make full use of my skills in artistry and esthetics by motivating people to see their beauty flourish from the inside out. 

After my experiences at school and at the cosmetics counter, I attracted the opportunity to help meet the needs of clients and to retain them through individualized services. I also developed my salesmanship skills in congruence with beauty aesthetics and dermatology. Throughout the years I also became an advocate for women's health challenges. Specifically, women battling Endometriosis, Fibroids, and polycystic ovarian syndrome. 

I opened my own facial studio in 2019 in Virginia Beach to offer advanced skin treatments and luxury beauty services for brides and everyday women. I'm proud to say since I've opened my facial studio, I've also launched my website which can also be found on all major social media platforms. I've also accomplished being a professional retail provider as well as a 5-star rated business for the excellent experience and quality of service I provide. Come experience the look and feel of luxury skin with Skin Deep by Xena!

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